Solana may Become first ‘Visa of crypto’ Says Bank of America Know Details

Cryptocurrency Solana (SOL) is all set to bring the new all-time high in its chart. As per the latest news, Solana could become the ‘Visa of crypto’. The statement has been shared by the Bank of America. After this statement, we have noticed a small spike in the Solana (SOL) coin price. Here is the complete report that you should read if you are also an investor of Solana blockchain and waiting for a specific target price. Reportedly this news came to our knowledge today. Also, visit Benonwine Twitter Viral Illusion Picture Correct Answer

Solana Visa Crypto

Talking about the cryptocurrency blockchain Solana (SOL) then we want to tell you that it was launched in the year 2020. But it grew itself in a very short time.

Solana May Become First ‘Visa of crypto’

You will be amazed to know that the Solana coin was traded at around $35 in July 2021. But in August-September of 2021, it surged higher and achieved the price level of $110. While on the other side Solana hit the $200 target in October 2021 which was another exciting thing for all the cryptocurrency traders in the crypto community.

“high-value transaction and identity, storage and supply chain use cases,” wrote Shah, as quoted by Business Insider. Shah concedes that, “Solana prioritizes scalability, but a relatively less decentralized and secure blockchain has tradeoffs, illustrated by several network performance issues since inception.”

Now it is a great sign that something is waiting for Solana crypto holders. No doubt if the planning of this Visa of Crypto goes well then you may see a good rise in Solana price.

Besides this, to improve the experience of traders and do some more development in the blockchain Solana started some initiatives in the past few days. As per the news Decentralized exchange, Solana brings leverage offers for an improved experience. Definitely, it may react as the next level development in Solana blockchain which will increase the number of active traders. We will also see a good rise in market capitalisation. So stay tuned with where you will get many other cryptocurrency news.

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