Who Is Mohit Jain? Mumbai CA ₹3,000 Crore Scam Shocked the Internet

Crime Intelligence Unit (CIU) arrested Mohit Jain CA for providing a company’s bank statement to an unknown identity who misused them to defame the company. The news is going viral over the internet. Mohit is currently under the custody. The main person involved in the scam is still missing. There are no details about him till this point. The police are finding him and investigating the case further. Rahul is a Chartered Accountant who was said to be taking the bank’s statement without the owner’s permission.

Mohit Jain Mumbai CA

Mohit Jain belongs to Mumbai, Maharashtra. He is said to be arrested for the case related to the false allegations and defamation of the company. Mohit is currently 30 years old. He cleared his exam for chartered accountancy and started working as a CA for the company. The news mentions that Mohit helped in providing bank statements of the company to the unknown identity. The bank statement was from October to December month.

The unknown individual took the bank statement and posted it on his X account. The post mentions the company’s bank account to receive Rs. 3000 Crore illegally from the firm related to a prominent industrialist. The post goes from the username of @satya_karmaa. The posts caught the attention of one of the partners of the firm. After he gets to know about the post, he files an FIR against the post and the individual.

The police reported an FIR in December 2023. It’s been more than a month, and the individual who made the post is still not found. Mohit is under police custody from 30 January 2024. He appeared in court on Sunday. After some investigation, police came to know that Mohit gave the documents to the unidentified person. He took it from a bank employee. However, the firm’s partners were unknown about the incident.

Their intentions are revealed clearly. They wanted to do so to defame the company and reduce the credit and goodwill of the company. The police did all the investigation and no such industrialist or the firm had any link to it. The police are still finding the individual. He will be charged with chares and imprisonment as per what the court decides. We will update you more about the case shortly. The case is still ongoing and there are many things kept confidential yet. We hope you get enough details about Mohit Jain and the controversy above.

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